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Solutions to stay ahead of the game

Safety is of increasing interest to people with regard to mobility. Intelligent light systems can help the automotive industry reach a new level of helping drivers feel secure. By using the data pool created by all car sensors, new ways of using intelligent light become feasible, and the driver can get support that is better and more tailored to any situation. We support the goal of increasing vehicle lighting performance so that the driver no longer needs to make manual adjustments. Instead of using hard thresholds to activate limited fixed options, intelligent lighting facilitates a new level of performance, which can include predictive lighting.

We have designed solutions that help the automotive industry connect additional information features and safeguarding headlamps with reality, making intelligent lighting possible.

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Our liquid crystals allow light system manufacturers to produce headlamps with a flexible patterning of lights based on thousands of pixels that extend the field of view.

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Our superior LED packaging materials for light systems and interior lighting are designed for harsh environmental conditions and high-power applications.

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