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Reliability and durability have a high impact on the image and can set your brand apart from the competition. Discover how our solutions enable innovations to protect the future.

Solutions for reliable driving

Reliability is a success factor for the automotive industry already and its significance for consumers is still increasing. Therefore, a high reliability can set a brand apart from the competition. In order to achieve this, we offer ground-breaking solutions that protect your surfaces and equip them with functionalities that range from scratch protection to anti-corrosion, dirt and water repellency and thermal resistance. Furthermore, we empower your sensors, cameras and lighting systems to resist environmental conditions with our solutions for optical coatings.

Have a closer look at our solutions for:

Scratches are a curse, even if they’re tiny. Our anti-scratch solutions protect the beauty of car surfaces from “loss of gloss”.

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Fight corrosion in automotive applications. With our protective coating solutions in your products, substrates are prepared for the toughest environmental conditions.

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Make life easier for everyone: adding ingredients to your coating solutions that save time and effort in cleaning cars.

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Intelligent driving needs reliable sensors: Our solutions for PVD coating materials for cameras, mirrors, interior applications and lighting encapsulation last and provide functionality over the lifetime of a car.

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Avoid counterfeiting and brand damage. Protect your supply chain with our solutions - use hidden markers to authenticate products from the inside out.

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Reliable driving needs intelligent sensors: Our packaging components for powerful semiconductors enable sensors for modern assistant systems in all areas of the car.

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