Liquid crystals for smart lighting

Capture every situation in a blink of an eye: creating a new level of feeling safe.

Optimized lighting

Enhance safety with fully adaptive LC-managed light for high-resolution headlights:

  • Increase light coverage significantly
  • Switch light on a pixel level
  • Reduce failure of mechanical solutions

Good lighting is the best night vision system and a key factor for feeling safe. Liquid crystal-based headlamps provide a significantly increased field of view, leading to a very well-illuminated road and its environment.

The next level of driving safety will be reached with intelligent light that supports the driver in  tasks such as orientation, trajectory planning, rule/limit/sign recognition, lane marking recognition or spotting poorly lit vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. With liquid crystal headlamps you can switch light on a pixel level within a very large area of the light beam. This enables car and headlamp manufacturers to truly offer intelligent lighting solutions.