Materials for LED light systems

Our superior LED packaging materials for light systems and interior lighting are designed for harsh environmental conditions and high-power applications.

Game-changing LEDs for light systems

  • Incorporate highest reliable encapsulant for LED rear light and/or front light LED package applications, for example DRL
  • Implement innovative photo resists that support the latest design style for ultra-power LEDs
  • Integrate novel photo-patternable dielectric materials for future LED design trends, for example head-up displays for augmented driver assistance systems

Structure and package LED car applications that meet the highest reliability requirements in the industry. Our superior LED packaging materials are designed for environmental conditions and high-power applications.

LED color converter for intelligent interior color rendering

  • Enables vivid color solutions for light spectrum engineering
  • Tailors LED spectrum for nearly every brand color
  • Offers especially advanced solutions for human-centric lighting by dynamically adjusting the color temperature as well as adopting the LED light spectrum to human’s natural circadian rhythm

Accomplish the perfect illumination with our color converting materials (phosphors). Differentiate vehicles through innovative interior LEDs.

“isiphor® phosphors support the lighting revolution with vibrant colors and superior efficiency.”

Rose Yang

Business Development