Wafer fabrication (front end process)

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Semiconductor wafer fabrication includes three main areas of assembly:

  • Lithography: Patterning Enhancement Materials, Photoresists, Process Materials, DSA, Spin-on Hardmask
  • Permanent Layer: Deposition Materials, Spin-on Dielectrics
  • Planarization

Photoresists for Front-End Applications

We offer positive & negative tone photoresists in the lithography process for semiconductor device manufacturing and optoelectronics with offerings ranging from submicron to thick film resist products.

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Patterning Enhancement Materials

Patterning enhancement materials offer solutions that improve process margin, defect control and higher resolution patterning steps associated in semiconductor fabrication of advanced integrated circuits.

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Process Materials

High purity wet process chemicals for photolithography process in semiconductor device production.

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Directed Self-Assembly (DSA)

Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) materials provide cost effective patterning solution which enable further chip scaling. DSA combines bottom-up patterning and conventional top-down patterning.

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Spin-on Hardmask

Spin-on hard masks for advanced patterning technologies.

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Deposition Materials

Our deposition materials are chemistries enabling thin film Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition of metals/oxides/nitrides for the next generation of advanced logic and memory devices.

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Spin-on Dielectrics

FEOL gap-filling solution with AZ Spinfil® spin-on dielectric technology.

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