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Performance Materials

Discover next generation high tech materials and specialty chemicals for your demanding applications.

Our Performance Materials add color to everyday life

The portfolio of our Performance Materials business is as diverse as the colors of the rainbow – be it groundbreaking liquid crystals and OLED materials for displays, materials for the production of integrated circuits or effect pigments for coatings and color cosmetics or functional materials for energy solutions.

We are the world market and technology leader in liquid crystals. Unstoppable in our quest to advance display technology, our products have enabled razor-sharp images in smartphones, laptops, flat-screen TVs and tablet PCs around the world.

We also lead the global market in pearlescent pigments. They add shimmer to the paint on your car, sparkle to your lipstick and luminescence to the coating on your packaging. But our work with pigments goes beyond color and shimmer. Our functional pigments impart unique physical properties to many diverse products, from antistatic floor coverings and counterfeit-proof product labels, to heat-reflecting blinds.

Kai Beckmann, CEO Performance Materials

Our world is constantly changing. With his personal blog #TheFutureTransformation, Kai Beckmann, CEO Performance Materials, would like to discuss three aspects of this future transformation: technology, social partnership and the future world of work.

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EMD Performance Materials Product Catalog

Search products and reference product documentation including Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets.

Expertise areas


Our wide range of products for the architecture sector helps to turn buildings into energy-savers, windows into smart glass and facades into eye-catchers.

Explore Architecture


Our Performance Materials business develops high-tech solutions for the automotive industry. These products and technologies help shaping the future of mobility.

Explore Automotive


We make beauty rise to new heights. From cosmetic ingredients to effect pigments, our product range for the cosmetics industry provides everything needed to create an end-to-end beauty experience.

Explore Cosmetics


We provide advanced materials for displays and beyond.

Explore Displays

Effect Pigments

From plastics and printing to specialty coatings – with our innovative effect pigments we have everything covered.

Explore Effect Pigments

Functional Technologies

Durability, conductivity or increased security – our pigments and additives enable coatings to bring new functionality to almost any surface.

More to explore


Light and the way it interacts with different materials has always fascinated us. We develop high-tech chemicals for progressive industries like Photonics, Solar and Lighting.

Explore Optoelectronics


We enable the semiconductor industry to make electronic devices more powerful by providing highly innovative material based solutions.

Explore Semiconductors

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