Ultra Bright Liquid Crystals

Discover Ultra Bright and efficient liquid crystals, the technology behind the highest resolution and most efficient liquid crystal displays.

Unique Industry Challenges

Displays are the interface between people and data – and in today’s society they are everywhere. The market has different needs and trends that send material suppliers on a quest to deliver across different dimensions:

Our Solution

Our scientists discovered that we could provide a dramatic brightness increase for displays—increasing light output by 15–20%. We enabled a high transmittance Ultra-Brightness (UB) LCD mode in designing LC singles and mixtures with unique, highly differentiated properties. 

Our Innovation: ultra-brightness fringe field switching

UB-FFS using new LC singles offers a unique solution for high resolution mobile devices by offering highest transmittance.

A win-win for both brightness and energy efficiency, this solution has rapidly made UB-FFS the global standard for high performance LC displays in smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to precision engineered LC singles at the atomic level, we can now stretch battery life by 30%. This solution is perfect for high-transmittance and energy saving!

Expanding UB-FFS into larger devices
Impact to the environment